[NEEDED] Someone to dig for me!

Discussion in 'Products, Businesses, & Services Archives' started by Scarmanzer, Oct 16, 2015.

  1. So, I need someone to dig out a 60x36 area. I will supply the shovels! We can negotiate on a price. Please wait until I'm on so I can tell you specifically where to dig, as it is underground.
  2. This girl is crazy, she's insane !!!!!
  3. I shall do it!
  4. I can do it for free. Anyway i can keep the dirt?
  5. Ill do it w/ Daniel Idc about the money
  6. I really just honestly want the dirt
  7. I'll get back to you. I'm not 100% sure if PinkCaker will be doing it or not. If not, I will message both of you :D