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  1. Looking for dirt donations! Or somebody selling dirt very cheaply. I'm located on Server 8 (smp8.Empire.us)

    Just use /v gabessdsp and you'll find a chest I have setup for donating dirt to me. Any dirt received is greatly appreciated :) Thank you so very much! :)
  2. Cheap dirt at /v 405 (SMP1). If anyone has any extra they can also sell/donate it to me.
  3. I sell 576 for 1r if u want
  4. Find a res where anyone has perms, and steal all the dirt. I think you have all perms at 2392, smp1.
  5. Ive got over a double chest Im willing to give to you for free.
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  6. Hop onto smp8 with all the dirt and if you need to use vault from another server I'll give you rupees back for the vault fees
  7. Lol.
  8. smp9, 18181 has two double chests of dirt available for all. chests are to your immediate left and right of the spawn point
  9. i have free dirt at my res on smp5 at 10767 :D
  10. Oh and also, try your res.There's tons of it.
  11. Imamfuturetrunks has lots for really cheap.
  12. Would make perfect sense...except that I want to build a mountain above my res so I need to go higher. Therefore can't just use dirt from my res
  13. Underground?
  14. Yeah dig underneath so you can use the extra space for future things like a farm
  15. its not stealing, if its free.