Need your input, Auction Idea

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  1. I was thinking about doing this auction, for fun. Would you guys bid on it?, and estimates on what it will get to. Thanks :D
    Silk Touch I Unb III Eff III
    64 diamond blocks
    10 stacks o'slime
    small chest of glowstone

    I'd start the bidding at 1r for fun :p
    Min bid increments.. I don't know yet, I'm thinking 1,000..
    It would end either 24 or 48 hours after the last bid.

    Thanks for your input guys! I think this would be a super cool auction and it would be tons of fun for me. :)
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  2. I hope you realise that according to the auction rules you must accept the payment of the bidstart, which is extremely low in your case? Just to warn you, you can better make a good price were you can agree with.
  3. If someone wins it for 1r I will fall out of my chair laughing and gladly give them the stuff as soon as I'm done.
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  4. It would make OVER 9000! ... rupees
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  5. Can we bid? If so, I would bid!
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  6. Haha, Its just an idea because I have MOST of this, 9 and a half stacks of slime, 64 diamond blocks, 3/4 small chest of glowstone, So I'd just have to go gather a little bit to do it. I was just seeing if I was wasting my time or not, and I'm glad to see people are actually liking the idea. :)
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  7. I would gladly give you that laugh. ;) It's a good pack btw.
  8. I really need some glowstone :)
  9. I really need sum diamonds.
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  10. Well you can't bid here because this is community discussions.
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  11. Alright! Thank you guys so much. I will go gather the rest of the materials for this and I will make it an auction.
    It will probably be up tomorrow. :)
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  12. Me - probably not.


    If you wanna auction it, auction it. If you don't, don't. *shrug*
  13. The Tomato King would bid ;)
  14. I would bid. I really need glowstone.
    Here is what I think.
    Glowstone is worth 20r per block. So if 1 stack would be 1,280r. If 32 stack go into a small chest (I dont know the real number) that would be 40,960r.

    One diamond costs 45r. If it takes 9 diamonds to make a block the 1 block is worth 405r. 64 of thoses would be 25,920r.

    One stack of slim balls cost 1.5k 10 of thoses would be 15k.

    The pic is worth around 30k. One of thoses would be 30k. ;)

    So the total etestimated price would be 112,880 (extra 1k because of bids)

    Now that I think about it I dont know if I can bid... :p
  15. 1 stack of slime is at 45r a slime is 2800. haha.
    The pick is worth about 7k to me.. :p
    So I guess your math evens out. Haha.
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  16. I got thoses prices based on and estimate.
    If the pick is worth only 7k, can I buy it from you for 7k? ;):p
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  17. The pick or something similar would have to be included for the auction to be valid. None of the other items would be allowable otherwise.
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  18. Yep. :p
  19. They would if they were approved by mods.
  20. Flying is possible if it's approved by mods. I'm just saying you're trying to get the man to change his Auction substantially.
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