Need your builds!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by samsimx, Jun 28, 2014.

  1. Hey all! I'm looking to make a promotional video for EMC and to do so I want to show off your builds!

    A few requirements must be met:
    • Complete build or almost complete. No frames or half built buildings.
    • No dirt shacks or anything of the sort, I'm looking to show off what good builders we have.
    • If you want your res shown off just post below the number and server. (Make sure I have move)
    If your build isn't shown off it doesn't mean it's bad it's just that I don't need too many builds in the video but would like a large selection to choose from.
  2. So no wild? D: I have a nice looking house in the wild, oh well :p
  3. I don't think most people would allow me to go out to their bases and I'm not a fan of going out far :p
  4. Hey Sam, could I ask if you could send the clips to me of you showing the builds after you have done some? :)
  5. Sorry but I don't see why you'd use my clips of builds after I put them in my own promotional video?
  6. Because I've been told to make the official promo video and I need all the help I can get :)

    Sorry if that sounded a bit rude, it wasn't meant to come across that way.

    I'm aiming for this to be a community video, since this is a community server so everyone can help and add their content.

    *Edit* Thanks to whoever merged this by the way :)
  7. It is not an original build *but looks nice. The outside is complete and the inside is complete up to level 6.
    SMP9 : 18434
  8. Smp1 205 The Floating Island might be cool.
  9. 3999 smp2. My mansion. The upstairs rooms are not done
  10. In the video, will it say that the residence belongs to the owner?
    For example, Residence ####, by Minemanluke?

    I vvill build something magnificent for you!