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  1. So I've been camping this week and for one second I decided to get my MacBook out and do some things online. My buddy's 4 year old daughter knocked over a full glass of orange juice. Right towards my Mac. The whole inside got flooded with OJ cause it entered the back vent. It is now a brick. Got some repair quotes already and I'm looking at over a grand in repairs. I am totally bummed out. It is 3 months old. Do I sell it for parts and get a new one or go for the repairs? I'm just afraid of it being a lemon now after this mess. I just want to cry. Accidents happen, and it's partially my fault for not thinking this could happen. I just needed to vent. Needless to say, you won't be seeing me on EMC until I get home. :(
  2. Make sure you stay with mac. That is all I can say. And if you get a repair by apple you will not get a lemon. That is if apple will repair for you...
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  3. Aww, that must suck. Sorry Shorts. : / : (
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  4. wow, ouch.... my laptop is so slow it would load this site in just over an hour, but i really don't know....
  5. I'm 100% sure that she did that on purpose.

    I think you should either sell that one to get one new.

    or Repair that one for the same amount of money that the new one is worth.... :p
  6. Maim your buddy's sister!!!
  7. [EDIT] No. Just, no.
  8. I don't know if you have any kids or not but things like that happen. I usually count things like this as payment of tuition in the school of life.
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  9. I don't have kids. I'm not mad at her either. It was my fault for not thinking this could happen. In life you learn. My next (or this) MacBook, will never be on the same table as anything liquid from here on out. I hope everyone I know can learn from this.
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  10. WARNING REMOVE THIS THREAD its cursed i almost spilled my ice tea on my fathers fancy gaming laptop
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  11. This is what YOU do!
    First of all, You are a geek so you need your gear.
    Sell your mac for parts then head over and buy:
    If you buy this,
    You will be a true geek and You won't need a new LAPTOP for a long time.
    But if you wanan be a true geek, build yourself a $5000 machine for $700 by building it yourself
    Notes: While building the machine you might catch some side effects: cancer,death by electrocution, falling, mental breakdowns, Crankyness, and finally: nerdgasms
  12. Your kidding.
    I'm using my 3k gaming rig and not even chuck norris can ruin this babjfbruigahgrw2-0ir9tfhdeoispjwenhsdbhbsdgfuhsdfyebgfhsbfjeawd3784grty48iry132q0tuheriwouehtrf59/89rd/asdaa
  13. whats a babjfbruigahgrw2-0ir9tfhdeoispjwenhsdbhbsdgfuhsdfyebgfhsbfjeawd3784grty48iry132q0tuheriwouehtrf59/89rd/asdaa?
  14. it was a joke
  15. Old Mac is up for sale for parts. Just ordered a loaded Retina MacBook. Things are looking up again.
  16. A similar thing happened to me with my current computer. My older brother spilled chocolate milk on it about two weeks after I got it. While I don't know about Apple products, the only parts of my computer that suffered any real damage were the Keyboard and the internet-card-thingy. A lot of the repair was just airing it out and cleaning/drying things. Who knows, maybe Orange Juice isn't that bad for the inside of a computer?
  17. This was a direct blow to the logic board. It couldn't have been worse. The back vent on that MBP is pretty much flush with the table. So when she tipped the glass over towards it, it went right in. I wish it would have been like your situation and went in the keyboard. It might have had more chance for survival. The whole inside was sticky. Also heard that the acid in OJ doesn't agree well with components over time. Was skeptical on payin for repair costs. I'm still kinda sick about it, but that's life and I'm working it out. I'm excited for my new Mac! But sad to see one go that was already brand new. It was a great machine. Placed many many blocks on EMC with that beast.
  18. The last thing we need here is an OS flamewar... I hate those things. :rolleyes:
  19. Mmm, if a laptop can't survive an OJ, it can't be very good?

    I pour a cup of coffee into mine about once a week; it kinda likes it.

    It it's fried - first, check your insurance; maybe you can claim

    But mostly: it's the best excuse in the world to upgrade
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