Need to replace my lost goods.

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  1. Short story.

    I had a situation involving lava in the nether that I am bitter about. I lost:

    -Diamond god sword
    -God bow
    -Diamond god armor.
    -My shorts

    I need these replaced. Must be maxed on everything. True definition of "god" item.

    This was 60k worth of stuff.

    If anyone has these to sell unused let me know. OR first person to fulfill this whole order will get 70k for all of this.


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  2. Could you list the enchants you would like on each piece?
  3. God meaning maxed out

    I assume

    Sword: sharp 5, unbreak 3, fire aspect 2, knockback 2, looting 3,

    Bow: unbreak 3 power 5 flame 2 punch 2 infinity

    Armor all unbreak 3 thorns 3 protection 4, feather falling 4 on boots and repiration 3, aqua affinity 1 on helmet

    What are "shorts"
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  4. I will get to work on this
  5. mc_g26 is correct. First one to present these items to me. Gets the bacon. I will take a PM on this site as "first to contact".
  6. Me and mc_g26 are brothers. Both of us will get these for you ASAP if you try not to get these from other people. Do not want to do all the work and then you have already bought it from someone else
  7. Y-y-y-you stoleee mah bacon? :eek:
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  8. Word of advice, unless you need it for MA and have spare gear, do not use Thorns. It chews up your armor fast.
  9. I do not use thorns b/c of that, but it makes mob arena/momentous easier. So I can understand why but I would never use it
  10. Hence my earlier question. My opinion of the ultimate equipment doesn't mean piling on every enchant possible.

    I also think Fire Aspect/Knockback combined with Looting are counter productive, but hey what do I know.
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  11. I can sell you Used god armor, sword, and bow. The shorts however I cannot replace- Next time dont soil them :p
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  12. :p
  13. Yeah thats why I was suggesting my used ones :p I'm actually fixing them now
  14. Ah.. i see! :p
  15. The request has been fulfilled. Please close thread.
  16. Dang someone got them already
  17. I wonder who :p
  18. Well good job you get to work fast