Need to remove a plot but dont want to wait 22 hours

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by blake477, Jan 13, 2012.

  1. I just joined a few hours ago and found a plot of land but only recently my friend joined and we wanted to be neighbours but i cant remove my ownership of the land for another 22 hours so is there an admin that can do it

    im playing on smp4 and my address is: 8096

    EDIT: nevermind my friend just created a new block of land and ive worked on this one too much for it to get deleted
  2. No worries mate. For future reference, you can only unclaim and claim once in every 24 hours, which you found out the hard way :)

    Also, in case you do not know, gold and diamond supporters get extra to claim an extra 1-2 lots respectively, so in the future if you decide to become a supporter you can have additional residences.
    They also get many other perks, which can be seen in the empire guide, the least of which is having a login slot held for you so you dont have to make multiple attempts to login when it is busy (you may not have experienced this, but once the upgrade has been implemented you will see what i mean) :)