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  1. I need a stack or two of tnt ... please reply back if you can meet my requests and i will pay you :D thanks
  2. Only Diamond supporters can use TNT....
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  3. Why, you are not diamond?

    Mr, you beat me...
  4. Oh god no....
  5. :D sorry I don't have any
  6. Try 1783 he has a ton
  7. How much do you think it goes for?
  8. 1285 i have like 42 left for 45 r
  9. Try the /shop, that one is selling it too
  10. how do you have more than one res?
  11. 3 friends, so 3 res's
  12. You can't place TnT without being diamond supporter. Even if you an EX
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  13. but he states HE has a second res, not saying its someone elses.
  14. it could be for his friend or he planes to become a diamond supporter
  15. Even if he would be diamond supporter, he can't detonate tnt on other player's res, even with /res set tnt true!
    So, maybe he needs tnt, so his friend (if the friend is supporter) can blow stuff up on his own res.
  16. He got gold for 1 month and than became a normal member after that.
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  17. Just before we started having the mob spawn problem I put a few stacks of TNT out for 50r each. Someone almost immediately spammed my chest then asked for more. Seeing as how someone has to kill at least three creepers per TNT, and there is a decent market for splash potions I don't see 70r as all that brutal of a price.

    Personally, I'd just dig it out, build above ground, or start a natural grinder somewhere, but I'm cheap like that.
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  18. i said that
  19. Me, and its not a matter if I can get it, its a matter of how long it will take to get it.
  20. I Think we can all see he is not a Diamond supporter, I am the One who is placing it and lighting it off...