Need Testers for Arena!

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  1. Hello! Today I am letting a few of you test the Mini Game I have built and designed on Smp8 known as the Bow Spleef. Its done now but I need to make sure how smooth it runs and if any changes need to be made before releasing to the general public. I need to see what lag issues there may be and if a regular player is able to navigate his/her way to the viewing areas and the TagOut system at the bottom. So post here if you are interested. MUMBLE IS RECOMMENDED! It will make my day much easier.

    How to get there: /v 17138@bowspleef
    Edit: I'd like to add that you'll need your own Flame Bow! (Infinity Ench Recommend as well!)

    Hope to see some of you testers! Only taking select few. Sign up soon! Showing up helps too!
  2. This looks cool. I can come test this afternoon (roughly an hour if traffic is good)
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  3. It's doneee <3
  4. id like to test it ill be on as soon as posible
  5. Discovered a Bug upon testing. Testing is done until further notice. Its now reported to Aikar.
  6. Seems legit. A little too legit. Cool!