Need suppliers for My Zolara Maze events all 6

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  1. Hello People as you have come to know me in the empire for my large build and public builds /farms

    i am in need of suppliers for my maze events as they are getting larger and larger by the day and it hard to keep a solo supply while supplying my mall

    So Here it is

    Where: Smp9 Res no.18313 follow the teleport to the Sellers hall of the Shop Section

    We are in need of the basic's for my builds

    -slime ball 1 dc set up
    1r per,

    -woods 2 dc per type
    1r per log

    -wheat 3 dc set up "to breed my cows for item frames used with in the mazes"
    16r a stack

    -cobblestone 6 dc set up "also note a large public stone gen at 18800 with 14 dc set up buying stone and cobble alike!
    21r a stack

    -sand 1 dc set up
    16r a stack

    -sandstone 9 dc set up
    64r a stack0

    -nether brick 6 dc
    64r a stack

    -Diamond 1 dc set up " need for tools we use alot "
    50r per

    These item are souly being used to build our 6 current mazes and ill update accordingly to what i need. Prices are as is at the moment as i need massive amounts and hoping that you all love my maze event enough to help see more brought to life quickly!
  2. I'll see what I can do about the sand and sandstone. Netherbrick should be easy, I'll grab some while helping R0bbie and Tink with their SMP4 project
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  3. Bump before i leave for a bit, common people in the end i asure you these mazes well make most cry and have a huge bragging right when you finish one
  4. Where do we put the stuff we gather for you?

    EDIT: Nevermind
  5. You can cross out sand, just filled it all up :)
  6. and its empty again ty netherspecter
  7. I didnt notice this till now but the OP says 16r per stack of sand, but the chest says 64r per stack
  8. yes i fixed it ty for bring that to my attention
  9. Could you buy for any higher..?
  10. For the amount im buying this fair and consider semi donation. it all goes towords my public events i profit off these in no way what so ever
  11. I'm fine with the prices as I said in game chat it's not really about the money I just like helping, however might I ask for a trade sometime Deathtomb? Like say a stack of items for a stack of rails, in which I need tons
  12. im fine with trading just al depends on the item and rails i would be more then fine with
  13. Oh ill trade stuff with you :p want me to pm you about it maybe we could make a deal.
  14. Awesome, I'll be sure to get some Netherbrick to trade for rails?
  15. Sweet I'll be sure to contact you when I can trade.
  16. if you would like I can supply enchanted items cheaply instead of having to use a lot of diamonds to remake tools.

    For example I can get you a eff 4 un3 pic for just 400r
    Pm me if you would like anything and I am open to a little bit of barganing
  17. danny I'll buy that pick or a pick like that for 400r. Unless you're supplying Death.