Need Something Made.....

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  1. So, i have created my own modpack. i need an image for it, but dont have one.
    I need 2 pictures made ( im using the techniclauncher for this )
    the pack logo-(180x110)
    The Pack Background-(880x520)

    the name of the Mod pack is PowerSurge. ( going with a technology and warfare theme )
    im thinking something like the voltz picture:
    for creating them, i will be offering an Empire Firework. ( i can make that 2 EF's if necessary )
  2. bump, need this done by this weekend..
  3. I'll attempt something...
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  4. bump, anyone else up for it?
  5. I might but not sure. My Photoshop trial is over and now I have to deal with Gimp. I hate Gimp for some reason. Guess I am just used to Photoshop that's all. Anyways, what color would you like this to be? Don't say that any color is fine because then that way I have to many choices :p.

    Edit: also do u want any quote on there or just the name of the pack
  6. im going for the colors in the Voltz picture, as long as it looks cool :p

    and as for the quotes, just the name of the modpack.
  7. bump, anyone else? im paying with something well over 20k
  8. Powering up gimp... might not be amazing though xD
  9. Wait... Do I need a photo editing thing for this?
  10. depends on what your going to do.
  11. I tried doing it in paint and word..l neither seemed to work extremely well... I'm sorry, but I don't think I'll be able to make it. :(
  12. last chance for anyone whos good with this kinda stuff, im paying with something well over 20k
  13. Jacob, I suggest GIMP it's free and it's a great piece of photo editing software. it's like photoshop but just not quite as good.
  14. I use for my graphics. I prefer it over Photoshop :p I can make a start on something for you tomorrow. I'll send it to you over Skype if you want :3
  15. you can do that if you want :)
  16. even i forgot about this, but, i need it. i got photoshop to try on my own, i have never failed so hard in my life.
  17. I'll try :)
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