Need Someone to help and share....

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  1. I have a great location on Utopia that has as follows:
    1 Zombie Spawner
    1 Skeleton Spawner
    3 Cave Spider Spawners

    All are activated when you stand in one spot. I have been able to setup the zombie and skel to drop correctly. I do not have any experience setting up the cave spiders though. I see a bunch of youtube vids for it, but I cant seem to get it right.

    I need ONE person that has experience doing this that wants a very powerful XP grinder to share with me.
    ALWAYS hide your self when at the spawner.
    Dont grief (duh)
    Dont share with anyone (last time I told one person, next thing I knew 5 people knew about it)

    Anyone wanting to be my partner in this grinder will have to have great references or I can already know them.
  2. I Will :) derek_fawns will also definitely! We've both made a powerful spawned before the reset.
    The only problem is that I can't get online until next Saturday
  3. lol
    Just sayin'.
  4. talked to derek, hes gonna help me out
  5. Eh..
  6. Boo! )':
  7. Leo you know me right? ;D eh? :) I mean I don't care about xp grinders but they are for xp and xp is used to get spent on for enchantments and during the enchantment phase you get screwed over by notch/jeb by getting an enchantment you dont want... so in the end I dont care if I know where this xp grinder is =P
  8. Any tips as to how you found so many so quick?
  9. boated out to ocean, stopped on islands and dug to find caves, then explored.
    repeat lol
  10. we actually found a 6th and 7th spawner. but they are too far away to use :( might hook up a rail system though after we get the 5 going strong.
  11. Xisumavoid has a video on you tube. I don't know how well it works. My computer died before I could complete it. Maybe it will help.
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  12. Ahaha, our's was three and I didn't even find. I can't imagine how long it would take with my luck. :/
  13. I did get very lucky, only took like 4 diff caves. Tge secret is bring lots of torches, and dont worry about minning stuff, just ru thru em.
  14. Ahaha, thanks
  15. I've got 2 normal spider spawners, 72 blocks apart in a cave atm. Would you recommend finding a new cave or is there an elaborate way to make effective use of both of these?
  16. Too far, I suggest finding another one :)
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  17. I am the chosen one!!
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  18. *Cries*