Need someone to finish my sphere! HIGH PAYOUT

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  1. Hi fellow peeps of the empire!!

    I have a job for someone responsible...

    I would like someone to finish off my sphere for me on smp2. It is a 58 diameter wide sphere and I have done 14 of the layers already.

    I will be willing to pay the person 10k to get it done.

    I will also include the blue prints for the person to follow along with.

    Let me know on here if you are keen to do this,

    I will pm someone with the job whom I see worthy and responsible for the job.

    Heres a screen cap of the sphere so far:

    You can also view it at 3344 smp2 :)

    Thats all for now,


    *EDIT* All the glass will be supplied by myself :)
  2. Man, I wish I could tackle this project, but I can't due to internet issues making it undependable :(
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  3. Its alright :)
  4. Seems like Awesome project sorry i couldn't help out. Got too many project in my hand at the moment hopefully you find someone responsible and trustworthy to do it.
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  5. Thanks mate, no worries at all! :)
  6. I think I can help. I don't know about spheres though...
  7. We will see then, I need someone who would know roughly what to do. Dont get me wrong, I am open to anyone doing it, its just I wouldnt want someone to blindly follow the schematic and not know whether what they were doing was wrong or right.

  8. Try to get eclipsys :p
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  9. I wish it was possible, but ya know, I'm not very good at building. Building spheres at least :p
  10. wish i could help but i suck at buildin stuff like that and theres somthin wrong with the internet 4 me right now :/
  11. If I had a lot of dirt I could probably do it. But I would need some help from my friend.
  12. I can help
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  13. There are many people (especially myself) that would give you as much Dirt as you want. On hand right now i have 13 Double Chests of Dirt
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  14. Hey MR2R2M, serialkicker on smp9 is good with spheres. Maybe you can send him a message. Sounds like an awesome project. I would love to see it when it's finished :)
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  15. First off thanks guys for all the responses.
    Hey thanks moe, I will deffinately speak to him soon. Yea its a massive project I am slowly working on. I will make a post on the forums when it is complete. :)
  16. Do you still need more glass? 0r do you just need someone to help you finish building
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  17. I dont have the patience to do something like this, after maybe 20 min, I'd blow it up.
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  18. I have enough glass. Just need someone to complete it whilst I make preparations for he next builds in the res.
  19. Is this inside the Rubix cube?
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  20. If you still need someone to help you with this, I would really love to help.