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  1. Im moving my desktop to a different area. So the advice im searching for is i need help with finding a good wireless adapter. It can be either USB or PCI. I have looked on Newegg, but the lack of 5 egg reviews and me not being able to tell if something is up to date enough makes me want to ask people who actually have experience with this for help:)

    So, USB or PCI? Anyone have a specific model you like?
    ^^^ Any good?

    It will be about 30ft/~9.2m away from the router, and the signal will have to go through several walls. Budget is under $40.

    Any help is appreciated!:D
  2. Hi jkjkjk,

    If its for a desktop, it's silly to use a wireless connection.
    You can buy these which fit your budget:

    They plug into the mains and utilise the mains wires in the walls for your internet connection.
    Plug one next to the router and plug the router into it.
    Plug one by your pc, and plug your pc into it.
    Instant internets.

    Cons: It takes up a mains socket.
  3. Don't use a wireless connection, seriously, just don't
  4. Interesting. That looks very nice! Would you think that it would be as fast as a normal Ethernet line?
    I forgot to mention something >.< Im going to eventually get a line wired to where im putting this, its just that the time frame is from 4 months - a year away haha. But, i really like Qwerty's idea due to me being able to get a better (than wireless) connection anywhere in my house!:D
  5. You shouldn't see any noticeable depreciation in the connection using the adaptors whether your plugged in next to the router or 10 rooms away. It is just like using an Ethernet Cable.

    That link is just the first one that appeared in google as an example.
    Find a nicely priced one with maximum mbps. Generally 200mbps or more is fine though.
    And don't buy a cheap knock-off... buy a known brand.
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  7. I got a good one made by TP-LINK
    It performs well but cuts off every now and then.
    My friend has the same issue.
    We bought one for $74 (NZD)

    (PCI card)
    This was 2 years ago so hopefully now it will be more stable :)
  8. Looks perfect :)
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  9. Also I have a tplink router...
    It works wounders.
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  10. Get a power-line adapter, make sure you plug them directly into the wall and not an extension socket however, or you get pretty disastrous speeds.
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  11. Yup, found that out in some of the reviews:p

    Im so glad i asked here instead of just buying a PCI wireless card! Thanks for all of the help guys!:D
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