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  1. I feel like the most unlucky person in all of Minecraft right now...First, like a week ago, I had a 2013 EMC Firework that i was putting into a chest when my internet went out on me, and when I came back the firework was nowhere to be seen. Then like 30 minutes ago my Spooky Egg just disappeared after it was done doing it's special effect. So at least 30k down the drain in a week. This combined with some other controversial things is really getting me down, if anyone just wants to ask what's up or anything like that I'd feel a lot better. Thx :)
  2. Well, something similar happened to me earlier. I was walking around my that-day-founded base, scouting the terrain. Then I fell down a ravine and my horse died. And I was like "Okay. I can get another horse I guess."

    then I was scouting again and I fell down another ravine and died, and couldn't find anything. Probably 40k worth on me, from the horse equipment to the loot of the 7 pyramids I searched. I was pretty down about it.

    But here's where my story turns from self sadness to inspiration coming soon to a brain in you

    I was starting a new base. So I thought "What better way to start something new than with nothing to use but the ground up?"
    And you can use the same logic for you. What's lost is lost, but what's lost can be replaced, improved and eventually forgotten. Don't stress so much over little items, even if they do mean a lot. Focusing so much on them will take time away from you allowing yourself to recover.

    but, controversial things?
    pm me if you want, I love counselling. Even though it's really awkward on EMC. But anyone can be friends, and if you wanna be friends, then this is a great opportunity :D Or if you're all good with friends we can just talk . Or if you don't wanna talk we don't have to talk. <3
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