Need some help to get back to my town:)

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by elssin, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. Hey...
    im elssin...
    I tp to the wildness to find some wood and stone. I walked far away from the spawn, but now i want to go back to my building spot. I tryed to use the /town command, but it didn't work...

    Can someone place help me???

  2. Use the livemap and find yourself, then just walk back to spawn
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  3. Is there no other way?? Is it posible to tp??
  4. no you can not tp from outside of the spawn area in the wild
  5. It's one of the things that really make this server feel like a world. When you want to go adventuring, you have to find your way back afterwards! So do you go for "just one more" and risk a creeper, errm, creeping up behind you? Or do you head back now while the going is good???
  6. Wrong area for this. You getting lost and failing to use the live map is not a community creation.
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  7. Moved. :)
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