need Smp5 Friend

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  1. i need friends on smp5 all i have is nooner and she barly gets on:(
  2. Everyone is your friend :)
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  3. Punchingtrees101, Terminator908, Zombieslayer010, Dwight is usually quiet, but very nice, xandrow is good when hes on, and i dont know of anyone else specifically that is nice:)
  4. Yep I'm very quiet most of the time im in local chat or pming somebody, but I keep to myself or answer Q's on the town chat just depends if feel like talking :D also Welcome to Smp5 one of Friendlies smps on emc
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  5. Also, avoid hobits. She seems to have some unwanted values to her.
  6. Add Scene_Muffin to the good person list!:)
  7. I am not your friend... I am your lover... mi amor ;)
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