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  1. Hey EMC. I am looking to buy a dc of every type of sapling in the game. That means I need a DC of the following saplings: birch, oak, acacia, jungle, pine, and spruce. If you have even an SC that would be great. Just send me a message on this thread for more information.
  2. IF you even have a stack or two I would greatly appreciate it
  3. i have a dc of oak i can sell you and a ton of the others.
  4. A DC of each would be quite expensive, if you build a semi-automatic tree farm (I suggest mumbo jumbo's?) then you only need like 32 saplings to have the farm producing its own saplings. Or you could make an old-school tree farm and lay them out and as the next tree grows on its own, the saplings from the previous tree would fall on the floor. But if your purpose genuinely requires a DC of saplings, then so be it :p