Need Sand - A LOT of Sand

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  1. Need
    60000 Sand OR
    15000 Sandstone OR
    10000 Sandstone Stairs

    I need roughly 15000 Sandstone - that's 60000 sand. I am making (something) that will be enjoyed and useable by all. It may take a while for EMC to 'allow' for these features - i.e. in the works but...

    regardless I will of course pay for the sand or sandstone... but i'm of happy if the value is good since its for a public project...

    PM me or leave post here if you can offer a GOOD amount... i.e. >999

    I'll edit the post as I get sand...


  2. I have a desert on utopia with TONS of sand. I can make some trips for this... How much u give per stack of sand(stone).
  3. He meant how much, PRICE, im guessing.
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  4. In that case, it seems that Mystul is currently open to offers - providing they're of good value.
  5. i have a double chest of Sand i'll sell you, 18648 on smp9
  6. Oh, well you could be IcC or Justin and yeah it was price ;)
  7. :confused: The Jack is confuzzled...

    If it's a jab at my "secret" or not so alts, just search the forum and you'll find them. Neither of them are that cow thing or the super admin...
  8. You have 2 other alts you could be Justinguy and IcC!!
  9. IDK what his other alt is, but one is jackbiggin2.
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  10. i knew that he could be IcC or Justinhguy or well anyone!!
  11. Anyway.... let's get back on topic...
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  12. once smp9 gets back up i have a double chest of Sand to sell you
    how much are you willing to pay?
  13. Erm... wow...

    If I as the moo or the robot - i'd WE what I'm doing on be done with....

    Call this a reverse auction... I don't really 'buy' a lot of stuff so honest prices on sand I've no clue... I do know that i can fill an inv from the wild pretty fast. So I'm just looking for some of your offers etc... what is even the price for a stack of sand?

  14. 7000 needed - did some digging (in inv and my vault) forgot i had a ton :)
  15. recalculated needed stone... had to add more :(
  16. smooth stone? Got a silk touch? I can make a smooth stone gen for only 500r supplying everything and its fast. And a new deal is got a cobble gen? Get it converted into stone for only 350r! Everything supplyied!*
    *Terms and Conditions Apply
  17. thanx but the key part of the word here is SAND :)
  18. Still looking - last offer fell through...