Need Rupees?

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  1. Make money NOW!

    This is a great way to get rupees if you are in need of some extra cash and you are ready to work. Simply browse the EMC PRO Job Forums and you will find something to do for sure!
    Visit the Job Forums and look for available jobs, or present yourself as a ready worker HERE
    Follow the EMC PRO project on twitter @EMCPRO1
    Hopefully you can find a great job to pump up your rupees account!
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  2. I think i did it wrong :(
  3. Can i make myself a employer? I need some items...
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  5. There are already 3 jobs listed, at least 1 of them might be for a TOP project, run to get your jobs and your fresh-new rupees :p
  6. I will start my big projects in the next few weeks, stay posted for more fresh rupees :)
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  8. Updating content daily, check for jobs and rupees :D
  9. Great another forums for me to browse. (-:
  10. (and win rupees) :p