Need rupees, supply sell to me

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  1. Where: Smp9 Res no.18313 follow the teleport to the Sellers hall

    We are in need of the basic's for my builds

    -slime ball
    1rp , need dc at least

    -woods 2 dc per type
    1r per log/1r per 4 plank

    -wheat 6 dc
    16r a stack

    -cobblestone 6 dc
    16r a stack

    -sand 4 dc
    16r a stack

    -sandstone 6dc
    70r a stack

    -nether brick 6 dc
    75r a stack

    -Jungle saplings
    250r per 16

    50r per

    and more im sure ill soon think of

    I currently have at least 2 double chest set up to buy each of these item and more of the item in greater need

    The item are souly for the use in the wild and not for resale i supply the store on my own which is not my problem at hand. There for my price are fixed and wont be changed this is the price i currently charge my suppliers and i'm in need for more then what they can provided

    So feel free to sell as much or as little as you want or the chest can take. i have Signs set up to buy in stacks of 64 each
  2. I can get cobblestone 6 dc 16r a stack

    just give me 2 weeks or less, the reason it takes me this long I have bad internet.