Need rupees [ sell stuff to me ]

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  1. A little background info
    Hi i run a Wild city called Zolara part of the Pazzo Empire. While also running abooming mall all of which is on smp9. I almost solo supply the store and find myself in need of supplies for my builders in the wild!

    Where: Smp9 Res no.18313 follow the teleport to the buyers room

    We are in need of the basic's
    -woods 2 dc per type
    1r per log/1r per 4 plank
    -wheat 6 dc
    16r a stack
    -cobblestone 6 dc
    16r a stack
    -sand 4 dc
    16r a stack
    -sandstone 6dc
    70r a stack
    -nether brick 6 dc
    75r a stack

    Added items
    -Jungle saplings
    250r per 16
    45r per

    and more im sure ill soon think of

    I currently have at least 2 double chest set up to buy each of these item and more of the item in greater need

    The item are souly for the use in the wild and not for resale i supply the store on my own which is not my problem at hand. There for my price are fixed and wont be changed this is the price i currently charge my suppliers and i'm in need for more then what they can provided

    So feel free to sell as much or as little as you want or the chest can take. i have Signs set up to buy in stacks of 64 each

    Edit: added amount of chest that are open to sale for each item and buying price
  2. Awesome shop death and now i know great place to sell stuff !
  3. Np thanks for all the sandstone
  4. bought about 60k worth of stuff so far today all chest are empty and ship'd out to my wild city

    thank you to the people that sold to me today

    all chest are ready once again for more so come TAKE MY RUPEES
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  5. I will take care of the weath but where are those chests located? I mean in what part of the res.
  6. Bump still buying
  7. Now also buying

    -Jungle saplings
    250r per 16
    45r per

    add to op too!
  8. bump, chest are freshly emptied again
  9. Yes ! You became diamond supporter .
  10. Bump

    I have also turned my entire shop into a buy/sell
  11. I will sell some stuff
  12. anyone sell cheap diamond? I checked out your shop, but diamond was out of stock.
  13. Check in the buying and selling section of the forums... This isn't the right place. Also, you bumped a month old thread which isn't favored b pay most people, just so you know next time.
  14. also my shop have about 8000 diamonds in stock atm
  15. I can sell you 6 dc of cobblestone just give me 2 weeks or less because I have bad internet.