Need red wool and sandstone!

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  1. Hi,
    I am planning on resetting my res and building a new shop. I plan to give it a sandstone and red wool kind of feel to it similar to what the EMC shop is like but better :p
    I have planned it out in creative mode and I have calculated how much of each material will be needed which is listed here:
    - 3481 red wool (about 55 stacks) * 60r a stack
    - 7125 sandstone (smooth or normal) (about 112 stacks) * 70r a stack
    - 128 glowstone (2 stacks) * Already got! :)

    I have set up a sell shop in my current shop at 12534 @ smp6
    If you have any questions or want to negotiate on a price please do so here :)

    Thanks in advance everyone,
  2. i have 10 stacks of sandstone
  3. Would you be prepared to sell that to me at 70r a stack?
  4. 60 only for you!
  5. Very good thank you! :D
    what server?
  6. smp1 and i will transfer you items with my vault if you want :)
  7. that would be very helpful, I'll be on smp6 now :)
  8. Thanks mate :)
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  9. bump! I need this stuff quickly!
  10. One does not simply make a better shop than the empire shop~
  11. lol ok :p
  12. Hey Daffy, here is a great place for you to post stuff like this.
    It might get this thread more visibility and the people that's interested in jobs and such can find it there.
    Check it out: :)
  13. ok thanks, I'll try it out :)
  14. I am prepared to go to other shops and servers to get this stuff. Can people tell me what they sell, which server and where please :)
  15. On SMP1, PThagaard-4 sells everything you need. Their wool is 64r a stack (so a little higher than what you want) and I think their sandstone might be 70r a stack.
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  16. thanks I've got most of what I need from there :) but I still need more! :D
  17. bump! Need red wool!