Need promotion help.

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  1. When i first came to EMC i became a donor and got promoted to Trusted Donor. Well recently i hit 20 hours and it promoted me to Trusted and the [Console] took away my Donor abilites. Thea told me to make a forum post and maybe someone could help
  2. I don't understand anything of what you said...
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  3. Agree with Alex. Donor?
  4. Thea is the Greek word for goddess. No goddess has ever told me to make a forum post so I feel a little left out.
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  5. Donor? Trusted Donor? Console took your donor abilities?
    This is an extremely confusing post, it may be handy if you can give the Empire Guide a thorough read, and then reword your question in a way which may make a little more sense.

    Empire guide:
    Supporter/upgrade page: (maybe this is what you mean)
  6. On second thoughts, I think you have EMC confused with another minecraft server. Do you play on any others which you may have us confused with?
  7. yes shaun your absolutely right ..i play on a few..and i keep all the forums open and posted on the wrong forums...sorry for the confusion guys...thats my fault