Need pig help

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  1. My brother is moving reses so we want his saddled pig to move also but we have a problem, every time we move the pig it teleports back to his res. We moved it with a lead, carrots, carrot on a stick, and teleported it (sat on and tp it to new res), but it still came back. Is there a easy way to move it or can I get the saddle back from killing it?
  2. You can try eggifying it. And if you kill a saddled pig, you will get the saddle back.
  3. Thanks we weren't sure if we would have gotten the saddle back or not if we killed it
  4. I thought you said "need pigs help" and I was like "wut, I dunno you.." :p
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  5. How about you take the saddle off it then eggify it
  6. We ended up killing it since we couldn't find any other way thanks for the help
  7. Well now you know how to next time.