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  1. Hello guys,

    I am in need of building a small cottage at 1797 on SMP1.
    I am paying 1k for this.
    There is a poll. ANSWER!

    Hope ya'll are well,

  2. Lol not a poll sorry :D Lol:cool:
  3. Can you give more details? Will you provide materials? What are the desired dimensions of the cottage?
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  4. I don't Actually know, Lol I just like the one at Carmeleon6's res on smp6 :D I might have to get the materials later :D
  5. Gonna buy supplies now. :)
  6. I don't think anyone can build you a really good cottage for 1k. Eclipsys is building houses for 75k...
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  7. Don't actually HAVE 75k. Only 9k
  8. Hey colepuncher! I stumbled upon this :p if you'd like, I might be able to help with this cottage of yours.
  9. If I have the time, I'm willing to do it for 1k like you mentioned, fellow Potterhead lol
  10. Yeyyy
  11. I'll do it for 1200 with materials if you don't have anyone yet
  12. Guys - I thought of making diagon alley. Will you help me?
  13. ill help ya for little ot no cost hit me up on server when on to help get mats an other stuff rolling
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  14. I already got Mr Ollivander's Wand shop Done for ya :)