Need new signature

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  1. Well title says it all but here are some stuff I would include
    • ( text ) Pokémon fan
    • (background) a minecraft beach
    • (text format) comic sans
    • (text) born MC survivor
    • *(text in top mid) gabeli
    • ( extra credit) put a good pikachu/riolu/Zorua in the corner
    Also if you want to add my skin you got to wait. It's like 1 at night
  2. Also the * means MUST
    pick one thing from each catigory
    • text
    It's ok to not have these but if I find it it i might use it =D
  3. I'll make you one ;)
  4. I'm not the best but hey, here's my attempt ;)


    (If you do decide to use this download it and upload it to a website yourself so you know if an issue occurs ;))
    If you'd like any changes to be made just let me know through quoting this post :)
  5. Sweet!! Looks awesome and better than I thought it would be! Lemme log on from my PC too.
  6. Okay cool! Just let em know if you need anything changed :D
    Oh yeah I didn't know what the second font was so I used comic sans for everything ;)
  7. there was no second font XD lol