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  1. Please ModERATERS just come on the empire!!!!
  2. I doupt this will help, just be patient and wait. :)
  3. Ummm what's happening?
  4. I doubt they'll get to you...
    1. Your not reporting the appeal the right way
    2. You are not specifying the problem and its location
  5. 1. dont use the forums to get a moderator.
    2. go down the emc page and see the online staff.
    3. start a convo with one. It will be faster then them going and reading a forum post.
    4. there's always atleast 1 mod on the square at all times. so /reports will notify them a lot quicker.
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  6. Ok i'm sorry
    But this is ergent
    is dealing with about 20k
  7. 20k isnt enough i think to be super urgent

  8. stupid meme creator is stupid: it cut off the last caption :(
    but yeah message a moderator, but dont message an admin (I.E icecreamcow or justinguy) since they are busy being awesome.
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  9. Guys, remember that not everyone is rich on the empire. Leo, you have over 800k so ofcourse you don't think it is anything to worry about, but other members barely have a rupee to their name. How about everyone cut the kid some slack and stick to helpful, not hurtful/sarcastic/snarky, comments?

    ninga, follow the steps that ImParanoid stated. It will be your quickest way to get help if you private message (start a conversation) with someone online. Also if it's a player related fault, you can report them in-game :)
  10. You can do this by typing /report

    Its also then best to /ignore
  11. it seems like all the supporters are super rich... im practically poor compared to them -_-

    im so poor right now!
  12. My friend I still have 1.3m and I do projects to look at my lot 1577 smp1
  13. not on my magnitude...
    i have an smp8 project and i hired tons of workers, and they always logged off whenever i got on. :( i needed my entire lot cleared of dirt too, and its only like 10% done. also im making 2 more giant statues of herobrine, one somewhat angelic and one wit ha nether theme. im needing tons of netherrack and lava, tons of stuff from the store (spiderwebs for puffy clouds, im not even sure if the store even has them, but if they do it will cost a butt load of rups, also ill need circle stone bricks, and clay blocks. and some way to make wings. but now with my laptop out for repair, i have no way to work on it. also im kinda stuck in the wild since the only way to get back is through the nether, over a giant pool of lava, where there is practically a spawner of ghasts and a horde of angry pigmen (i didnt even aggro!)
    oh and did i mention that i have an obsession of high enchant pickaxes? thats also a problem :p