need mod to help very important

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  1. yeah I'm stuck on top of the nether
  2. oh its on smp2
  3. nvm
    i got out
  4. I was gonna say. Just run to nether spawn and /town.

    Been there, done that. :cool:
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  5. Solution for others in the same situation:

    Place a block on the top of the bedrock and prepare to get sent back to /nether spawn. :)
  6. yeah i was 20K or so blocks out for some reason. amp 2 crashed and i only had a mushroom so i placed that
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  7. Or just do /town
  8. *facedesk* wish I know that bit of information. This had happen to be numerous times :)
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  9. And Im just "LIKE!" :D
  10. Looks like that hurt! Take it easy, buddy. ;)
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  11. XD
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