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  1. Hey emc me and cod4hoogie are working and a project and we need
    Stonebricks- 18r per stack
    White Wool- 44r per stack
    Oak planks- 12r per stack
    Glass- Offer a price per stack ^_^
    You can sell these items to us on smp6 at v 12150 :)
  2. Glass 40r per stack
  3. Yeh thats fine cheers :)
  4. Lol, WAY too cheap for everything.
  5. Agreed
  6. I can sell u white wool 32r per stack :D
  7. Tell me some prices then ^_^ i dont really use the economy :) so i dont know reasonable prices
  8. Although i can't sell them to you... some reasonable prices. i've been dealing with this economy for 3 months
    Stonebricks- 50-70r per stack
    White Wool- 32-96r per stack
    Oak planks- 50-70r per stack
    Glass- 50-70R per stack
  9. will change prices when i wake up tomorrow cheers firebox
  10. No problem, happy to help
  11. My shop sell
    Stonebrick 23r a stack
    Glass 40 a stack
    Oak 45 a stack
    white wool 32 a stack.

    Glass and oak are out. I will restock in a few hours
    stonebrick i won't be putting in my shop first. It will be available on 14008 smp7 (My stone stall on arabian market) in a few hours

    White wool is in stock I think. If not, I got a supply ready now to restock it.
    Main shop is on SMP2 4342. Not big :/
  12. I am going off nnnnmc1's prices the shops are set up on smp6 v 12205
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