[ Need ] Mall design and/or Build

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  1. I need a mall design- my little shop is outgrowing it's current build. I want to use the same design for shop chests that I have in place at 1507 on smp1.

    Shop-Chest Guidelines_
    • compact, side-by-side shop-chests
    • self-refilling shop-chests
    • two signs per shop-chest, one shop-chest per item
    • item frame preview (one per shop-chest)

    Mall guidelines_
    • Every Vanilla item must be represented
    • EMC Promo item section
    • Horse Egg section- a chest for every type
    • Auction winners' pickup area (example at smp1, 1507@auction)
    • Dirt Exchange area (ask for details)

    It need not be made of expensive materials, but I don't want a palace of dirt, lol.
    Pay is negotiable. Truth be told, idk how much these things usually cost.
    Please respond to this thread if you're interested or if you have any questions.