Need lots of materials - buying

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  1. I've started a new project on 3879 and got about one floor half way done with what I have on hand. I've created a count of the resources I'll need to complete it, and what I'd be willing to pay for them. Looking for people to fill these orders.

    Picture of spreadsheet below. Krysyy's got me on wool (i owe her), and don't try to sell me circle stone for more than shop prices... I'd be willing to move some on the other prices, but I've plugged in what I normally pay for them. I've got a couple more on the burner I'll post later.

  2. I've set up a chest at 3764, buying stone 64 for 64r. Go there now and fill them up!
  3. Im on my way to bed, but you can pickup most your needs on smp1 at 1783.

    Looks like some of it will be cheaper then you calculations.

    Night night

    Edit: if not ill help you out tomorrow
  4. Just sell me one of those dragon eggs and you'll be good xD
    You can stop by 3043 for most of that stuff, I have no idea if I'm in stock though.
  5. I could probably supply all the torches.
  6. I was thinking the same thing... these prices are HIGH... I sell for less than this at my store...
  7. I can sell you a lot of Stone Bricks and stairs. I'll setup some chests at 18391 on SMP9
  8. Emptied my stone chests, so can sell me more. I'll try to setup the rest of them.

    Yeah, I would rather estimate high than low on prices, that way I know what I'm getting into. Also, I didn't want to have to wander the servers looking for materials, so I'd rather pay a little more to have delivery :)

    I doubt I'll ever be low enough on rupees to want to sell one the dragon eggs, but who knows.

    I'll setup chests for the remainder of what I need.
  9. I can get you the cobble, but it doesn't have a price listed on the spreadsheet. PM me with what you are willing to pay.
  10. I've got the cobblestone.

    Pretty much just need stone, some torches, and glowstone (I have about 1/2). 176 cobblestone didn't take long to get.
  11. Ok. That's what I thought.
  12. What are you making anyway?
  13. It's awesome, that's all you need to know :)
  14. It's kind of a random design, not too easy to explain. I'm considering making a couple hotel rooms in it on the top floor. It will house the dragon eggs once complete.

    And thanks :)
  15. But then the TARDIS will run out of power!! o.o
  16. Id be happy to provide the torches