Need Lots! of Dirt

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  1. I need 10 DC's of Dirt right now, so if anyone has any stacks they need to sell then come to my res 3741 on SMP2. I am buying them at 2r per stack so please fill them up :)
    Sounds like an odd request so please dont laugh :p
  2. I have only got 2 dc's so far, I still need another 8 :( I would of thought people would have dirt stashed everywhere. Please if some newbies even want some quick cash from what they have i will even pay 200r for a whole DC.
  3. You can try asking BrenJone or Blackknight1021 in game, they are my friends who i know have a lot of dirt. [smp8]
  4. I have a DC of dirt you can have. I don't need the rupees, so no need to pay. Later today when I'm on, I will leave a chest & access sign for you right by where you spawn on my res.

    /v hillbillybeastly-4

    I also have a free stuff chest on the front of my res, I think there are some full stacks of dirt in there as well.

    Enjoy :D
  5. I have 8 dc's you could buy.

    Edit: Res 10018 on SMP5
  6. SMP8: Res: 16084 - DC of dirt with an access sign for you is now up if you'd like it