Need loads of sandstone

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  1. So me and my business partner BeLugh have made a really good shop at SMP7.
    But we thought it wasn't enough so we are creating a HUGE maze at SMP7 and we already completed step 1 which was to dig out a whole residence of 60X60 to bedrock. That stimulated the players on our server cause we paid everyone a good load of money to help dig.

    Now we got the hole but we need materials for the maze :) Especially sandstone.
    And not just a few stacks of sandstone we need 70.000 sandstone which is 1093 stacks and equal to 20 doublechests filled with sandstone. And we ain't the persons asking for donations so we buy this from players. Now there is the problem that 70.000 sandstone is a lot and we need people to come to our shop at SMP7 res 14141 and sell their sandstone in front to us! :) We buy for a reasonable price and the total cost of the sandstone will be 122K for us so don't come around and call us beggers :)

    Thank you for reading and for selling to us! :D
  2. Ohh, if you actually have a lot of sandstone please reply here so we can have a special arrangement.
  3. i will sell you some if you want for the price of 1:8 So 512 per stack
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  4. ... I'm dead serious about the amount we need, so for that price we can't do it lol.
  5. Sorry but it costs me many to (i helped you one time with digging) saturday!
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  6. I am moving sandstone to my smp7 res. Im at ~25k pcs so far. I may be good for another 20k tonight after work.

    After i make the move, i will just sell you container perms. Its a blank res so nothing else can go wrong. Of course letting you confirm stock first.

  7. I sell sandstone on smp3 res 7345.

    EDIT: Ben je nederlands?
  8. Okay, Leowaste will supply us with 44K sandstone which will be enough for now :)

    And Eukalyptuzz yes I am
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