Need laptop help.

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  1. After waiting seven days, my laptop is back from getting a new screen. I started using it for around 15 minutes. I then get up to close my door, and then, it shuts off. I try to restart it, but it simply wont. Its not dead, as its been charging for three hours. I tried removing and putting the battery back, but still nothing. I don't want to send it away again. Please help. :(
  2. It may be purely coincidental that it has reached the stage of frequent overheating and is almost inevitable in laptops. This happened with my current laptop (which I don't use much anymore) because its air cooling system was so poorly designed. I had to resort to physically resting the back end on something to allow more room for ventilation which helped a lot.
  3. Will putting it on a hardcover book help? that's what my brother says works.
  4. Off topic but that happened to my ps3 all the time so i decided to remove the cover and cut out the top of the cover so it wouldn't over heat after an hour of playing on it
  5. Should do, as long as its fairly thick and doesn't block the fan.
  6. O, its on the books. Its weird that I had it for a few months, and this is the only time it has happened. Also, it doesn't seem to fan is blowing...
  7. Check to make sure there is not an issue or short in the battery, remove the battery and then insert your charger, see if the machine turns on then, if you do get it to boot, Google up speed fan, its a handy program that helps you monitor you laptops temperature and also allows you to manually increase the speed of the fans to help with cooling
  8. Well, my laptop is stonecold, and wont work. I tried what happy said, and still nothing.
  9. What make and model number is it please, PM it to me please, I will do my best to assist you..
  10. Or, you know, tell us here so everyone can offer help.
  11. Dell Inspiron N5110
  12. First of all, if you have a pressurized air canister, give the vents a thorough cleaning.

    It seems that a common issue with that particular model is the processor is too powerful for the heat sink so it is highly prone to overheating.

    To remedy this, go to Power Options in the control panel, click on "Change plan settings" next to your selected plan, click on "Change advanced power settings", expand "Processor power management" in the list and set the minimum and maximum processor states to about 80%. If the problem persists, take it down to about 60%. Also just to be safe, ensure that the system cooling policy is set to active.

    It's a little depressing having to underclock your CPU, but from what I've read the decrease in performance is negligible.
  13. But it wont even turn on....
  14. Try removing the power cord and battery, then hold the power button for about 30 seconds. Then try turning it on with just the power cord and no battery.
  15. Did you try with the cord and the battery, and just the battery alone? The light on the cord is solid not blinking right?
  16. Who Repaired the screen?
  17. It is just a green light, meaning it does have power.
  18. Dell.
  19. Sorry to say this sounds like a hardware issue and you'll have to get Dell to repair it.
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