Need jobs done!?

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  1. Hey guys, if you guys have any jobs for me, like digging I will do the job as long as you supply shovel and pay me money. Also if there are any other jobs to do just tell me and ill see if I can do them or not. Thanks guys

  2. Are you interested in supplying sandstone for a large store?
  3. Yeh! What smp are you on?
  4. SMP2. Visit 4005 and then the back of the red floor to check out my prices that you can sell for :)
  5. Bump! anyone else got jobs? I dont think I can do that Alex, but if I do get sand and that I will sell it to you.
  6. Sand is good too, or logs. :)
  7. Now logs on the other hand... Easy xD
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  8. You may be able to buy a shop at Usui Marketplace @ 1601 (SMP1) for only 100r and you may pay in advance if you wish.
  9. I would be interested in supplying 4005 with sand and glass if you want.
  10. Go for it, red floor. :)
  11. sell logs, ores, and ingots t res 732 (this helping me ststok my shop so i may open it!) :)