Need iron I have lots :)

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  1. Iron is something everyone needs it makes tools looks good in builds and looks cool. I am selling iron blocks at YOUR price (it cant be free and it can't be below 5 rupees) I have quite a lot of iron but not unlimited so get YOURS soon.
  2. 10r a block
    If So, ill buy alot
  3. 11r a block
    What now?
  4. 50r a block. I'll take 1/2 a stack. That's 1,600r. Deal?
  5. Its not an auction!! im saying i will buy them at 10r a block, if thats fine with him!
  6. Yes but he is more likely to take the larger offer
  7. 1r is not a huge increase. 11r a block is a spam.
  8. I am selling iron blocks atYOUR price
    I have quite a lot of iron but not unlimited so get YOURS soon.
    not for a higher price
  9. Ok whatever
  10. Can you sell it to me for 10r a block? Pm me.
  11. 509 Will gladly buy 8 stacks of Iron blocks for 12r per block.
    The total is 6144r
  12. I've gotten lots of pms and I can't fill them all so if you want your order filled you may have to wait about a week I'm going to start with the most recent person and work my way up. I will fill all ordrs it may just take som time so pm me with the offer and I will take the.most recent pms and start there .

    Thank you for wanting to buy
  13. By the way don't worry about your order not being filled it WILL be filled my word
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  14. I need 20 blocks. I'll pay 220r. (11r each).
    Please tell me how I should pay you and where I should pick up my order.
  15. Why are you selling blocks on another person's post??
    Just get your own.
  16. Ill buy about two stacks of iron for 10r a block. (1280 rupees)
  17. Will buy 54 stacks of blocks at 10r each- 34560r
  18. Put me down for a double chest. 54 stacks of blocks at 10r each. 34560 rupees
  19. LOL... iron overload i doubt that these will be filled within like a month or two...
  20. ya it's kinda challenging condidering i also have school :p

    but it will get filled ( i saw no serious face so) serious face