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  1. So I have this problem. My friend Colin (Minerboy50) had 4 residences. He gave 1 res for free to my brother jameskim885. Now the problem is that now Colin wants his res back. My brother worked so hard on it. He built a replica of d1223m's castle. Go to 8488 to see his hard work. Plz. I am trying to solve this without any conflicts. And plz dont permaban my friend. He is always nice. Just not on this occasion...
  2. And this is why you only build your stuff on your own res...
  3. well you kinda have to give his res back ( since he is the owner of it) keep trying to let you keep it for now but if not just take all the resources your brother left there ( tear down the castle)
  4. I want him permabanned. But my brother is too nice!! :p
  5. well he can't get perma-banned for wanting his res back just take what you can from it before he resets your flags
  6. That would take sooooo long :(. And besides he did this twice already :(
  7. I'd basically get your stuff off that res ASAP if I was you. There's nothing stopping the 'friend' from removing your perms. It may feel harsh, but at least you get the enjoyment of building a res again. :)
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  8. this should have been a sign not to build a overly lavish project on land that does not belong to yourself.

    As others have said, this is not your res and as such you have no claim to it, I suggest calmly talking with the owner in a Private Message and not by slandering the name on the Public forum for all to see.