Need Help with villager egg

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  1. hello im pretty new to this whole game thing but do know enough. i have 9 villager eggs but i can get they to hatch when i right click. Do i have to have anything built special for them. do houses need to be made out of certain material or can it be anything ? i have my recidence build 64x64 built up about 20 blocks and down about 10 and doors in the ground level in town but they won't hatch. Thank you if you could help me.
  2. They don't need houses to survive, just plop them in a 2 block deep hole in the ground,
  3. Thank you for your help. can i do that in my residence or only for wasteland and frontier?
  4. All three of em. You can build anything on your residence that you can in single player including animals, trains (Minecart) and boats
  5. for some reason i could only hatch one villager and now i still cant do the rest of the eggs. but thank you for all your help.
  6. are they like chicken eggs? where maybe one in 3 hatch? because i had 9 and only one hatch and the rest just disappear from my inventory
  7. Villager eggs are the same as the ones in creative. They guarantee that a villager or the mob they come from will spawn.
  8. Chicken eggs are throw able, villagers won't spawn the same way. You have to aim at block (lets say- to aim at a block where the villager is going to stand). That principle is used for all of spawn eggs. You can't spawn an animal if aiming somewhere in the empty air.
  9. thats weird than because when i drop them i only got one
  10. The problem has been figured out. It was max of 100 entities on the residence that didn't allowed for villagers to be spawned. I wonder why the warning message never appeared though :confused: