Need help with some spawner grinder

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  1. So, I'm playing this place and I got an iron golem spawner and don't know of any efficient setup to afk them. I tried a square thing with 4 blocks in the middle so they fall with water current but they get stuck sometimes with each other causing the spawner to stop spawning

    Anyone got other ways? Also Lava doesn't flow in the server.
  2. But how with pistons?
  3. by pushing dem!
  4. youtube
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  5. Okay but.. How? I know pistons push but how would you set that up?

    The square spawner area with water is pretty much the same as a vanilla iron grinder cell except there's a spawner in the middle a few blocks high.

    The thing is when 2 or 3 spawn at the same time they get stuck and don't fall through the hole because they're all pushing at the same time ( Like three men trying to get through a single door at once)

    After they get in the hole there's lava and fall.

    Why question is... any other effective way? If so, please explain me how D: I don't know what to do with the pistons there
  6. I tried looking. Everything there are vanilla grinder with villagers.

    What I'm trying to do is using NON vanilla iron spawner block thingie like a zombie or blaze spawner but iron golem instead.
  7. make the hole 5 by 5, that should let em push enough to fall in