Need help with sheep.

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  1. Hello there people, I have a little problem and some of you might just say ' Google it'. Right lets get to the point.. I have trouble keeping my sheep's in place, at first I had quite large rectangle shaped area for them, 3-4 block down and of course fence around it. ( I come on next day, most of them disappeared ). I think to my self okay then no need to panic, I'll change it, and I seen many people have the sheep's underground in their little rooms and the roof made of glass, I made some tunnels to the rooms and put iron doors, thinking they won't get out this time, come on the next day, most of them are gone. Wtf? Any ideas? What to make so they don't get out or will they just get out anyway?
    I have minecraft for a month now, so I'm not that experienced, I need a little help.

    - flappystar :p:eek:
    res: 12204
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  2. Try only putting 2-3 sheep per pen to stop the sheep glitching together and despawning but apart from the till minecraft sorts smp out they will remain buggy hope i helped

  3. I have seen many players put water on the sides because the sheep will suffocate the other ones by pushing them into the wall. That is why they die or they glitch out and walk away ( If pen is above ground). Try this in single player creative first before you try this on multiplayer because it can get very annoying. Or watch youtube videos on the topic.
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  4. ^ exactly what nicolas said, did a side by side comparison on my res for a week, same sized pens, same depth on my res, one with water on the edges, one without, 30 sheep each, end of the week i had 5 in the pen without, and all 30 in the pen with water.