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  1. Hey guys... I have recently finally found out how to access .minecraft after hours of confusion. I really want the the invasion mod or other cool ones. I hate YouTube ones when peppe who haven't got a clue post them( that's why I don't :p) I would really just like someone to post a simple video that is effective for dummies :D I've never had a mod before except for single player commands = easy. So it would really be appreciated it someone could post one here or on another post and give me the link.
    I will also add in a 2-4k prize for a good video that helps me out.
    Or if you can post a link to a helpful video

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  2. Use magic launcher. Mods for dummies made simple.

    Also, check to see that your mods are acceptable on these servers before using them.
  3. aren for use on these servers.. for when I'm on a plane in a week using sp :p ( 13 hour trip -.- )
  4. I'll get a clean .minecraft folder, install it and send it to you if I have time later. :)
  5. So, just installing mods in general or one specific mod? Each one varies.
  6. probably the invasion mod specifically ...
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  7. And SDK mods!
  8. invasion mod + flan mod MW weapon + zeppelin (change block limit to 2048 block [or more xD] ) + turret mod.
    = Protect the battlecruiser!! Everyone to battle station!! :D;)
  9. lol
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  10. Well I gotta go on a 13 hour plane trip with no mods. D:
  11. I like your signature :D