Need Help With English?

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  1. Omg laughing so hard XD
    some parts of the video are off key, and in the beginning, the guy singing laughs. Just a few errors i saw :p
    otherwise, this is creative!
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  2. Thanks! I know its a little off and blurry. We filmed it on an iPad. :p But thanks.
  3. Its awesome :D You guys sing beautiful ._.
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  4. Yaa thank you:p
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  5. Is everyone able to watch it?
  6. Not me, the video is private. Awww.
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  7. It shouldnt be. Ill ask my friend who put it on Youtube what happened.
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  8. It's fixed. Added it to the OP. Enjoy!
  9. Let me know if there are any problems veiwing it. Im trying to get 100 veiws so tell your friends.
  10. which one are you?
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  11. A's all the way man.
  12. no way..... Cardinals rule
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  13. i abousolutely love your amazing singing voice. added to the fact when u are on that hammock you sound great.... :D
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  14. Wow, thanks :p
  15. I couldn't help but laugh. But don't take it as laughing at you, more like laughing with you. I especially couldn't help it when you guys were cracking up yourselves. Very good though.
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  17. Considering you play minecraft I knew instantly which one was you XD but yeah ver:Hiting and fighting sounds like an average day of my life lol
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  18. Cracking up so much. Loved it :D
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  19. Thanks for all the nice comments :D
    Hopefully you get an A+ on yoir next nouns/grammar test like the kid in the last slide. Lol :p
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