Need Help with Animals

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  1. Random question 1: my chickens seem to be unable to lay eggs weather I be one my res for five mins or five hours they never lay any eggs is there something I'm doing stupidly without realizing. they are fenced in a barn type structure.

    Random question 2: every time I breed a pig it disappears from my res there's no way for it to escape but after five mins it just vanishes, any idea why it would do that? (the parent pigs are saddled)

    Random question 3: On my brothers res his villagers wont breed and all he has two villagers and a sheep ( I can see the hearts) any ideas why?
  2. 1. please type /res entc and report what it says.

    2. what is your res so someone helpful can go look at your setup for any issues.
  3. 1. that command doesn't do anything for me
    2. my res is on smp9 18994
  4. Try just /entc
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  5. I have 60/100
  6. Anyone come up with anything?
  7. I looked around but didn't see anything noticeable. I might need to witness it. I will be on later tonight, maybe catch up with you.