Need help with a simple matter

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by serialkicker, May 25, 2012.

  1. This may sound very funny and weird maybe, but since i just found out that's is so gosh darn hard to help a fellow player with something really simple, I'm forced to ask for help on forums!

    I need someone who will take few pics of me for pigmen contest and send me on my mail. I will pay 100r. I tried to get help on my home server - smp9 - but no one wants to help (thanks community!).
  2. You press F5 to go into 3rd person view, press it again to do another 3rd person view. Move around to get the angle you need, then press F1 to clear your HUD. Then press F2 to take the picture. To find the pic, go to Start, search, type in %appdata%, double click on the .minecraft folder and click on the screenshots folder, it will be in there.
  3. I know all that but i need it to be taken from further. And since i cant zoom out, I need another player to help me.

    P.S. but thanks anyway