Need help with a redstone machine...

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  1. Ok, I was watching ethoslab and saw him do a melon and pumpkin farm. I wired up the pistons so when I step on my pressure plate, they pop up and destroy said melons and pumpkins. The only problem I am having now is getting the pistons to stay up.

    I saw in his video that he used a t-flip flop with sticky pistons, but as the prices of S.pistons are pretty high because of the slime involved, I made a pistonless t flip flop. I got it to work and all, but the main problem now is CONNECTING the two. I have no clue how to do it! I have a working t-flip flop on my property and I have been trying and trying with no avail to combine the two, but I am at a total loss @~@

    Any suggestions?

    Here is the video by the way.

    (NOTE THIS IS NOT MY VIDEO. I am only using the idea, and am not claiming to be him or anything like that or claiming credit for his work. I only want the darn thing to work so I can save time on my part and get something efficient going on my U/C skyfarm.)
  2. Not too fond of double posting, but is anyone able to help me here?
  3. I dont get why your using an outdated - and pretty bad version of a melon/pumpkin farm..

    Look at /v PThagaard

    It shows you the basics of an easy to use/build melon/pumpkin farm - the most efficient model possible.
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  4. I can help...I dont even need to use a t flip flop redstone contraption...Just tell me when ur on and the server and ill help!
  5. Is this a res? If so, what server?

    EDIT: Also, I don't look up how to videos often. I just had remembered him doing one. I didn't feel like seeing if there was a newer one. In fact, I didn't think about finding a newer one at all XD

    Double Edit: Ok, so I think I see it... It looks wasteful o.o Like, it may just be me, but it looks like it took twice as many sticky pistons. :confused:
  6. It takes 0 sticky pistons ;)
  7. But... there were... 8? On yer farm that is. That is what I was referring too.
  8. o,O what are you talking about mate?

    Ohhh you mean the small melonfarm?

    Thats the automatic melonfarm - thats for showoffs that knows there redstone ;)

    The big tower you will spawn on - thats a melon farm...
  9. It is also a tad much XD I am just doing a simple 10 long one, two sides.
  10. You can make it the size you want.

    Im just saying its cheap, its efficient and its easy to setup.

    Its the same setup every 2nd block tall.
  11. I could build u a melon farm that works 3 times as better
  12. Better then what :D?
  13. That video
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  14. a lot of ppl can...