need help with a project :)

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  1. I am building a huge project on Utopia, and am in need of materials :)

    I am buying stacks of cobble at 16r a stack, and have two double chests set up to purchase the cobble.
    If anyone would bring it to utopia @5392 and sell it to me, I would appreciate it :)
  2. First
    Hey contact some guy on Utopia.
    I forgot his name but he is selling a double chest full of cobble for 500r
  3. ok, will do :)
    Thank you :)
  4. still in need if anyone will come sell to me :(
  5. Ill drop by with 20 stacks :)
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  6. wats the project
  7. Right now a huge exterior wall, and what will go inside, I am unsure of...thinking a castle, or a huge park/garden, with entrances on all sides and walkways.
    I will change my mind a million times before I get to the center though :p
  8. i could help with interiors
  9. a nice park would be great :D
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  10. I appreciate the offer, and will let you know.
    I am currently playing with 1.3.1 ,only logging into emc to get paid. but if I do build, I will let you know :)

    I was thinking a park :)

    I am the type though that will make up my mind a million times before I commit to a project completely :p
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