Need Help! Launching An EMC Library!

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  1. Hey EMC!

    As some of you know I know little to nothing about building! So, I am in need of someone who can build me a library!

    The library will need to have enough room to have shop sell signs as I will be selling books there and buying them off authors!

    If you have any ideas or designs comment below!
  2. Will you make copies of the books and how?
  3. Maybe building the original library ? The one which can be found in Strongholds?
  4. I asked/said something like this in Kephras' thread. You can copy books now.
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  5. I can copy them in a crafting table easily. This is how to library is going to work, players if they want are going to write books, maybe it's a how to book or a fiction or non fiction book! They can then put their books on sale at my library.
    The design has begun and you can check it out at 8557, the scaffolding is just dirt so far and windows and all that is yet to be added. I am now looking for someone who can make things look pretty, my fountain needs a bit of work, I will need a pathway made etc etc. Comment if interested!
  6. Might release a Chizmaro book to you ;)
  7. Hope you do! :)
  8. It's also important to note that you can only clone books that you have signed, you won't be able to copy others' works.
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  9. Will you be selling in bulk as a publisher? :p
  10. Not gonna hijack this thread, if you want to ask about my books / bookstore check the link in my sig :)
  11. I meant to him. lol
  12. Then why did you quote kephras? :confused:
  13. I thought it worked differently in 1.7 than in 1.8
  14. Aikar changed it so that you can only copy your own signed books to rpevent fakes etc of ones like staff signatures, and all.
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  15. I can help design depends what style your looking at. Nordic, Modern, Medival ect.
  16. also ill build it for you :) if you want i was thinking medival
  17. I was thinking more modernish look
  18. How modern?
  19. That's kinda jank :/. But I can understand I guess. I just thought it was still vanilla because I copied a book for someone on a private server we were derping on to try it out. Guess if you plan to write a book for the library you'd better have a DC of book and quills.
  20. Books can stack up to 16x, meaning a single chest can now hold as many as 432 copies of a book. :confused:
    At least it'd stay in stock for a long time...
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