Need help Finishing my mall.. Its 70% complete

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  1. After some unforeseen events i no longer have a builder for my mall.. I need someone (TRUSTWORTHY) to finish it .. it is completely built i just need some rooms finished ,the lighting installed the exits ,some tp locations set and then to decorate it ... I am looking for someone with experience .. I am trying to make this look very nice ... I am having a hard time finishing it myself ... U can look at it @ /smp5 /v 11234 0r /v 11096 ... Pm me in game or on the forum ... 2014-10-05_13.17.29.png
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  2. So the address is 11234? Are you looking for more of a business partner or just someone to place a few blocks around and set up teleporters?

    How are you planning to keep the mall stocked and manage pricing?
  3. The Address Is 11096 But my res Across from the entrance is 11234 and the tp location faces the mall.. I would love to have a business partner to sell their good there .. And I do need someone to help me finish it as it is now 75%ish complete .. I have been doing most of it here and there .. Me and my son Stock it and i do have a few ppl who help with supplies .. It will hopefully be a fully stocked mega mall in the near future .. Pricing is average for smp5 .. I do price checks regularly
  4. If you have a mega mall you're going to want to have above-average pricing, especially when you're starting out and need stock. A fully stocked mall will be convenient at any price, and most customers of malls care more about convenience. The thing to focus on is making sure that you are in the top 3 payouts for each high-demand product on the server. (Ideally #1.) This will give you the suppliers you need to keep a stocked mall. After that, it's just about picking off customers one by one when they can't find what they're looking for elsewhere and building a memorable brand.

    We should probably meet tonight or whenever you're free to discuss things.
  5. I am Available whenever .. I have some cleaning irl to do tonight but we can set up a time so i can work around that :D