Need help finding an empty residence Please

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by GeneralJam99, Oct 23, 2011.

  1. Edit :never mind can be deleted now.
    live map wouldn't give me codes and i had to walk around to every blue highlighted area till i found one that was empty :( sorry
  2. Just curious, you were clicking on the lots and weren't getting a popup box? What browser were you using?
  3. i clicked on the lots and i got a very small white "speaking bubble" but it was empty.. IE 9 :D
  4. Well there's your problem. I highly recommend using Chrome or Firefox, IE does not display the live map properly and is just a terrible browser in general.
  5. cheers, Funny thing is i have all 3.. IE Chrome and Firefox... but i usually only us IE :S i think i will now swap my default over. Cheers :)
  6. Yeah sorry, I haven't had time to trouble debug on IE yet (cause I knew it was going to be a nightmare).
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  7. Yes General, now that you're a member of the Empire, we consider you family...and can be up front with you. IE is bad for your health, and this is an intervention where we're asking you to rid it from your life!
  8. I’d like to start the intervention if that’s ok. General how long have we known each other, it seems like forever. Remember that time you asked for help in the forums. Those were good times. So needless to say when I herd of IE addiction it sent chills down my spine. Don’t you see what your addiction is doing to you and your friends? So that’s why I am here asking you to get help (Google Chrome, Fire fox) today. Can you do that for me, your friends, your family, and you’re self.